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  • Hello, I am an Akeneo connector!
  • I connect the Tessa™ DAM perfectly with the Akeneo PIM.

For more information about the akeneo Connector call our sales team at +49 (0)9381 71778-0. Further more you can ask for a free online demo.

Akeneo Connector

Integrated DAM solution for Akeneo

Akeneo Connector

Practice demonstrates that connecting a PIM system with a DAM solution will shorten the Time to market dramatically. With our partner Akeneo, the open source PIM company, a complete solution has been developed for yourmodern brand communication. - So you are able to use all the advantages of both systems to reach optimum results.

More information about Akeneo PIM, here:


Working with the connector

After installing the connector, you will be able to directly access assets from the Tessa. So you can reference own attributes to the assets and save them as images, videos or documents.As we focused on user friendly usage it should all work easily.

Managing any Tessa-attributes

Managing any Tessa-attributes

You can apply any amount of Tessa-attributes in Akeneo of the Tessa assets (images, multimedia data, documents etc.) to attach it to products. One or more products can have several documents attached to it like one main image, multiple images for product description, advertising videos, test reports etc.

Search and find within Tessa™

The full integrated selection dialogue enables you to have fast access to any Tessa asset. All Tessa features are availabe to find the asset you are looking for. These are e.g. full text search, category and catchphrase as well as the possibility to search and sort any meta data of an asset.

Search and find within Tessa™
Live preview

Live preview

As soon as you have assigned an asset to a product you will see a live preview within Akeneo. This means that you will see the connected assets as well in the edit menu as in the list view of your product.

many additional features

The Akeneo connector lets you access all the features you have activated in you Tessa installation. These are for example the following:

  • versioning of assets
  • working with place holders in case the desired asset is not availabe
  • Access control for areas and assets via rights and roll management
  • intuitive user interface with drag&drop functionality
  • direct access to the Tessa for designers, photographers and everyone who only needs to work with assets and not with product data.
many additional features


Features and functions

As the Akeneo connector interacts directly with the Tessa™ DAM, you will have access to all the funcions of the Tessa itself. E.g. full text search, categorization, tags versioning etc.

In the basic installation version there are initially all functions which are neccessary for working effectively with the connector. Therfore the usability will be improved by just showing relevant functionalities. These can be customized at will.

All features of the Tessa™ DAM in the overview


Versions and prices

for the test operations

connector LEfree of charge

  • temporally unrestricted
  • only image formats
    (jpg, png, gif, tif, bmp)
  • only usable with watermark
  • switching from "connector LE" to "connector EE" possible without loosing data


Requirements "connector LE"

  • You need a running Akeneo installation
  • You need a free demo installation* or a running full version of Tessa™

for productive usage

connector EEchargeable

  • temporally unrestricted
  • all common data formats
    (multi media, office, CAD, image and text etc.)
  • can be used without functional restrictions
  • only available for Akeneo Enterprise edition

ask for access

Requirements "connector EE"

  • You need a running Akeneo installation
  • You need a free demo installation* or a running full version of Tessa™
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