TESSA DAM Customers

Digital Asset Management. Made in Germany

Numerous companies from medium-sized businesses to large corporations have been relying on Digital Asset Management with Tessa for years. In more than 35 countries our DAM facilitates the media management of teams from different industries.


Medienverwaltung. Made in Germany

Germany's best-known manufacturer of writing instruments relies on TESSA DAM. The numerous product images from over 35 countries are managed and sent to the desired channels. The appealing user interface and the search for assets have been individually adapted to customer requirements.


Let there be light

After comprehensive digitisation at the customer's premises, the Digital Asset Management System TESSA now supplies the new shop with up-to-date product images. The tool convinced with its excellent user experience and its open architecture.


We love Media databases

The highly customized Tessa DAM has been specially adapted to the customer's requirements. With a lot of attention to detail, this unique piece of equipment today facilitates the daily work with pictures of numerous employees in the group. Due to its modular design, the system is still fully updatable.

Melvin & Hamilton

TESSA DAM replace Dropbox

The renowned shoe manufacturer Helvin & Hamilton replaces the existing asset management solution by TESSA-DAM. The integration of TESSA directly into the PIM-Akeneo was decisive in the system selection and optimizes the work processes sustainably.



Bobby Car & Railroad

A Tessa DAM to easily manage and distribute thousands of image and media data. Highly available to access around the clock from over 20 countries.


Kitchen appliances for household and commercial use

The enterprise DAM solution to cover all media production processes. From the first idea to the finished medium, all information is always available with this system. With the integrated workflow engine, the system is also optimally prepared for future requirements.


Vom Anspitzer bis zum Zeichenblock

Media management very easy! Upload, keyword, find and distribute. With our solution, the customer is able to manage documents and media data much more effectively and time-saving than was previously possible.

Paper + Design

Manage print data 365 days a year

Printed paper napkins and paper tablecloths 365 days a year, 24/7 in production. In order to manage the gigantic amount of data, P & D has been using the MDB of EIKONA for years and now also the TESSA™ DAM since 2016.

Happy Faces

„The transition to Tessa as the new DAM system went completely smooth. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed system introduction! In less than two months the thing was up!"


Oliver Kleinjans
Teamleader Sales Master Data Management

„TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers. Our PR agency also uses it. Through its seamless integration with Akeneo, our PIM solution, we eliminate effort and save time"

Nicolas Metzke
Melvin & Hamilton Digital

As a hub for Germany, Scandinavia and Poland, Tessa is an extremely helpful system for EPOCH Traumwiesen GmbH to supply our colleagues as well as our customers with data simply, quickly and effectively. For us an indispensable tool, which we consider to be very future-proof. In the long term we would like to achieve an automated integration into our systems."

Jürgen Zacherl
Marketing Manager
EPOCH Traumwiesen GmbH

"TESSA greatly simplified and improved our workflow at that time. It is the perfect complement to an intelligent e-commerce solution package. Thanks to the product's versatility, it could be easily implemented into an existing shop system in a standardised or customised way."

Quynh Pham
IT Consultant
Accenture GmbH

"TESSA is an important tool for us worldwide. In combination with the connector TESSA creates the perfect connection to our PIM system, Akeneo. This has enabled us to digitalise our processes even more worldwide and to achieve a significant improvement of the Time-to-market."


Myriam Bohr
Digital Marketing Manager
C. Josef Lamy GmbH

Ideal for manufacturers and distributors

Be faster on the market and do it like our customers! TESSA is already being used by many different customers from a wide variety of industries.



The development agency behind TESSA-DAM

Specialist for digital marketing for 20 years. As an agency based in Volkach, Germany, we implement data management, content and e-commerce solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we analyse business processes and develop customer-specific communication tools and e-business solutions. In this way we create efficient internal processes, high-quality B2B service and cross-channel success with the end consumer.

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