Digital Asset Management with Photoshop
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Digital asset management with InDesign for professionals

After installing the InDesign extension for Tessa DAM, you can access the images and product information stored in TESSA directly from the linked Adobe InDesign CC.

You can browse the library directly and open and edit all images from TESSA directly in InDesign. You don't have to leave InDesign to save and upload the document to the DAM system, but can do this directly with just a few mouse clicks. This is how Digital Asset Management works seamlessly integrated into InDesign!

TESSA and InDesign in action

Watch our video to see how easy and efficient you can work with TESSA and InDesign.






InDesign document maintained directly in Tessa

Create a new Adobe InDesign CC file in Tessa. This document is then automatically found as an asset in your media database. Add the necessary features to the file and start editing in the InDesign document. This saves you valuable time when maintaining your digital asset management system and gives your employees central access to all necessary data.

Access existing assets directly from InDesign

Search directly in Adobe InDesign CC for an asset in your digital asset management system Tessa and place the desired image in the appropriate format in your document with a simple click of the mouse. The time for tedious searching for the right content is thus reduced to a minimum.

Insert product data via copy and paste

You have the possibility to display your product information in Tessa and to copy and paste it conveniently via a button in your InDesign document. This significantly reduces the time needed to create catalogues or brochures.

Installation Guide for TESSA DAM-InDesign Connector

Learn how easy it is to connect TESSA-DAM with InDesign! Download our installation guide.


Installation Guide