Image Management - Easily organize your images with TESSA DAM

With TESSA DAM, you can easily manage picture management

When your best friend suddenly looks for this picture of the garden party six years ago, even the well-structured amateur photographer will start to sweat. Over time, several hundred image files have accumulated on the hard disk. Such an amount of data is difficult to manage. This takes hours of manual searching.

Much more sensitive is the situation when it comes to the customer order of a professional photographer or agency. Here, a professional image management is essential. Our software can help you with that.

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Store and manage your images and assets

Anyone who goes on vacation once a year and snaps a few pictures there, does not need any image management software. This amount of files can be easily managed with a structured folder landscape. Passionate and professional photographers, however, should take care of a professional image management. With our Digital Asset Management you are well equipped. It offers you the following advantages:
  • Image Library :
    Store and manage your photo album digitally. Sort it by various details such as file name, shooting date or other metadata.

  • Full-text search :
    Quickly search your image database and quickly find the photo you want.

  • Multiple Workstations :
    You can use our image management software on multiple workstations simultaneously. This allows you to share with your employees specific areas to which they have unrestricted access. The software is therefore perfect as an image database for companies.

  • Easy to use :
    You can get started straight away without a long training period. With our Demo you can test our system completely for free.

  • Interfaces :
    Swap assets quickly and easily with customers, employees and partners.

  • Compatibility :
    Our image management program is compatible with many other solutions, including image editing programs, digital content managers, and PIM software.

  • Versioning :
    Quickly access older versions of your documents.

  • Image Editing :
    There are many image editing features that let you either automatically or manually edit your image files.

  • Always and everywhere to use :
    The cloud lets you access your assets anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy Publishing :
    Publish your content quickly and easily to online stores, social media and other platforms.
In addition, our software is not just great for storing pictures, it lets you manage your entire assets, such as documents, videos and audios.

Store your data securely and confidentially

For us at EIKONA security in image management plays an important role. Depending on your requirements, we install our digital asset management system on your servers or grant you access to the certified high-security servers of QSC AG in Nuremberg via the cloud.

Since our data is managed by our subsidiary EIKONA Systems, we can guarantee you the highest security standards.

EIKONA TESSA DAM - more than just an image database

You see, with our image management software, we offer you much more than a regular image archive. We make it easier to manage, transfer, publish, and maintain your assets, and you can focus on more important work.