Digital Asset Management with Photoshop
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Digital Asset Management with Photoshop for Professionals

After installing the Photoshop extension, you have the ability to directly access the assets stored in TESSA from Photoshop.

You can easily browse the library and open and edit all TESSA photos directly in Photoshop without detours. You do not have to leave Photoshop for saving and uploading to the DAM system, you can do it directly from Photoshop with just a few mouse clicks. This ist how Digital Asset Management works fully integrated in Photoshop!

TESSA and Photoshop in action

Watch our video to see how easy it is to use TESSA and Photoshop to edit your digital assets.

Screenshot Suchen und Recherchieren in Photoshop

Search and Research

The fully integrated search dialog gives you quick access to all digital assets stored in the TESSA (pictures and graphics). The search function supports you in searching for article numbers, keywords, categories, asset IDs or any terms in the full-text search. The sortable result is shown to you as a list of thumbnails. This will help you find the right asset even faster.

Screenshot "Sammlungen und Warenkörbe" aus TESSA-DAM direkt in Photoshop


It can not be faster! Get a collection (Collection or Light Table) of the digital assets you want to edit and go to Photoshop with just one click. No more time-consuming searching and researching. You do not have to cache the files locally any more, you can start editing right away.

Screenshot "Versionen und Bilder" aus TESSA-DAM direkt in Photoshop

versioning of your assets

Every change to your digital asset is saved and logged. Look at the list of versions directly in Photoshop. See exactly who made what change to the file. With a simple comment, you can still note important hints. So the question never comes up, which is the current version of a file, your pictures or your graphics.