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After installing the Photoshop extension, you can access directly to the stored assets in TESSA™ within Photoshop.

You can browse the library easily and access your saved collections. To save and upload to the DAM system, you do not have to leave Photoshop, you can do this without a local copy.

In action

Working with TESSA™




Screenshot Suchen und Recherchieren in Photoshop

Search and research

The fully integrated search dialog gives you quick access to all assets stored in TESSA™. The search function supports article numbers, asset ID´s or full text. The sortable result is shown to you as a list with thumbnails. This will help you find the right asset even faster.



Screenshot "Sammlungen und Warenkörbe" aus TESSA-DAM direkt in Photoshop


There`s no easier and faster way! Get a collection of the all assets you want to edit and go to Photoshop just with one klick. No more time-consuming searching and researching. You do not have to cache the files locally anymore, but you can immediately start to edit them.



Screenshot "Versionen und Bilder" aus TESSA-DAM direkt in Photoshop


Every change is saved and logged. Look at the versions list directly in Photoshop. Here you can see all the file changes addicted by the time. With a simple comment you can also note important hints. So, never you need to ask again: "What is the current version?"