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Melvin & Hamilton decides for TESSA™

At the end of 2017, the digital division of the renowned shoe manufacturer Melvin & Hamilton chose the TESSA™ digital asset management system.

While searching a solution to distribute image data internally as well as externally, Melvin & Hamilton got in touch with EIKONA Media. In mid-February 2018, TESSA™ was married to Akeneo's product information system, which has been in use for several years.

For around 30 years, the Choukairs family has been producing both traditional and modern shoes for him and her. Founded by the father in germany, actually his both sons are managing the label. In contrast, the online shop, is based in Paris and is maintained by Nicolas Metzke, a German-Frenchman.

TESSA™ is a further step which is pushing the digitization of the company. By using the Tessa ™ in combination with Akeneo and the Magento online shop, processes have been optimized and made more efficient.

We are happy to lead this great brand as a customer.

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