Features and functions

Preview for images, videos and multi-page documents

Show all files directly in the browser

Digital Asset Management with TESSA means storing all files centrally and having easy access to these files directly through the web browser. For the preview, TESSA automatically creates optimized preview data for displaying in browsers and on any other devices (such as tablet or smartphone).


File preview without downloading

TESSA offers you preview options for image and graphic files, video and multimedia files as well as multi-page documents such as InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF files. Therefore, to get a quick overview of your digital assets stored in TESSA, you do not need to download them, as all relevant information, metadata and views are directly accessible in the web browser.

Preview for pictures and graphics

Bild- und Grafikvorschau inkl. Zomm Lupenfunktion für TESSA

TESSA creates optimized previews for all common graphic and image formats. These formats include i.a. JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP and EPS. For classic vector graphics formats such as e.g. AI (Adobe Illustrator) or Freehand files TESSA also creates corresponding preview images for viewing them directly in the web browser. A special feature of Digital Asset Management with TESSA is the consideration of cut-out paths or alpha channels. When creating the preview data, the corresponding information is evaluated and is also displayed via additional symbols.

Video preview directly in the web browser

Videoplayer mit Vorschaufunktion für TESSA DAM

TESSA creates preview data for all popular video formats in order to display them directly in the integrated video player in TESSA. Here, high-resolution video data is completely recalculated, scaled and compressed to achieve the best result for display in the web browser. The integrated video player also displays thumbnails of the entire video. This allows fast navigation through the video and provides a quick overview of the video content without having to view the entire video.

Office files and multi-page documents

Dokumentenvorschau direkt in TESSA DAM integriert.

In addition to graphic, image and multimedia data, TESSA can also create previews of all common Office documents (Powerpoint, Excel, Word), PDF files as well as multi-page documents and layout data (such as Adobe InDesign). In the preview view, you can navigate freely through multi-page documents and quickly capture their contents on all pages. The navigation through multi-page documents is also completely possible via keyboard shortcuts and the keyboard arrow keys.

Preview for ZIP files

TESSA DAM is also capable to create preview files from compressed files, such as. ZIP or RAR files. TESSA opens the file and uses pre-defined rules to determine a preview from the compressed graphics or image files. If TESSA can not find a suitable file, TESSA will then use a standard icon. In the event that TESSA can find a suitable graphic according to the stored rule, a suitable preview image is determined and displayed from this.