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Functions and Features

With these features, TESSA simplifies your daily work with images and media on your product data.

Find instead of search

Finally, find what you are looking for. With an interactive category system, referencing product data or automatically determined metadata, you have the tools you need. You store the search queries under your favorites and share them with your colleagues. Here's more about TESSA DAM's search capabilities.

All Formats in every Size

Save the output data and let it convert automatically. For example, from a Photoshop template automatically generate JPEG for your presentation, PNG for the online store and TIFF for the print catalog - modern multi-channel marketing.

Easy to use
You demand more than a nice surface. TESSA also stands for efficiency and automation. Usability and user experience are the focus of every TESSA development. Surfaces and click paths are developed in close cooperation with our users and are subject to dedicated quality assurance.
Start the workflow without a file! Create placeholder assets, link and place them in campaigns and get notified when the status changes. Now you can ask colleagues or service providers to create the files. These placeholders will then be automatically updated in your campaign.
At the push of a button, TESSA generates individual Excel sheets with product data and according pictures. You can define the columns output your self. The best thing about it: The data can also be formatted and edited in Excel according to your needs. This way you create Price lists in no time.
You want to publish your brand portal with just a few clicks? This is quite simple. Distribute your assets via web portals. Here you can offer files for download or create a secure link on which photographers can send you new pictures. The files do not need to be offloaded to cloud services, they stay on your servers.
Version Management
TESSA helps you verify every file change. The rollback option also allows you to access and restore previous versions. This prevents mistakes and creates transparency for all project participants.
Roles and Permissions
With TESSA you can easily decide who can see and edit which files. Control the specific permissions by Individual user roles. That way you protect your system and data from beeing accessed by third parties.
TESSA provides standard integrations for a range of systems and enterprise solutions such as PIM-, CMS- and ERP-systems. We also have a plug-in for Adobe products. Plus, you get an universal RESTful API that lets you connect almost any software to your media database.
With TESSA collections can also be exported as editable PowerPoint presentations or Excel files. Using predefined templates, you and everyone else in the company can choose how they want to present their data. Easily create multi-page presentations of the product lineup in CI-compliant layout or illustrated price lists for sales.

Upload & Save

  • Qualify uploads - Keep your media database tidy. Data can not be created arbitrarily in the media database. After the upload, you qualify new files and decide whether they should be transferred to the library as an asset.
  • Read metadata - Save annoying typing. TESSA automatically reads the existing metadata (XMP, IPTC, Exif) during the upload and makes it available for the search index. This can be information about resolution, colorspace or author.
  • Supported Formats - With TESSA you can easily manage all formats. It does not matter what type of media you want to discard: photos or graphics, audio or video files, artwork or office documents.
  • Bulk upload - Easily save multiple media into your database at the same time. Just drag your files via drag&drop into the browser window. During the import you can allready tag and categorize your files.
  • Workflows - Map your individual business processes. The workflow module helps you to model release and editing processes. Status-dependent notifications inform participants about the following tasks.

Organize & Manage

  • Duplicate Check - Never duplicate files again! The system detects duplicates automatically and assists you with the cleanup. This saves storage space and keeps your media database up to date and concise.
  • Bulk Editing - Get everything done by one click. Optimized dialogs let you adjust metadata, such as photographs or the product pictured, on many assets at the same time.
  • Image Recognition - Auto Image Recognition recognizes image content and suggests matching keywords or categories. In addition to image content, text contents can also be recognized, evaluated and, for example, used for a full text search via OCR methods.
  • Taxonomy - Take advantage of any complex keyword tree over a one-dimensional folder structure. The taxonomy, ie the categorization and classification of your data, is individually customizable.
  • Versioning - Easily track changes. The media database logs all asset versions so you always have access to the most recent file. In release or correction loops internals, agencies or customers can be integrated.
  • Media Archive - Focus on your current assets. Media can be marked as archived and are therefore no longer included in the search. So you only find what is actually relevant to you.

Search & find

  • Complex Searches - Detailed search criteria allow you to filter by product features, geo-data or creator. You can also customize, save and share your filter options with colleagues.
  • Media Preview - With just a click of the mouse, you can preview the automatically previewed documents, pictures, and videos without having to download the original and installing an application to open it on your PC or Mac.
  • Instant hit list - Search thousands of assets in seconds. The extensive full-text search function with numerous filters gives you the desired result immediately. Even complex searches are processed in no time.
  • Save reference data - Perfect for manufacturers and distributors. Storage Reference data (such as product or vendor data) on an asset, which can then be used to search or retrieve files. For example, media can be renamed to article numbers during export.
  • Scrolling - Works despite slow internet connection. Multi-page documents are displayed directly in your browser in a concisely preview. You do not need to download the file to read it.
  • Learn more - Here's more on TESSA DAM's search capabilities.

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Release Notes

See what we have improved in TESSA! An overview of new features in past versions.

PDF - TESSA Release Notes and Enhancements

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