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Read metadata quickly and easily with our Digital Asset Management

Metadata - The hidden information

A file's metadata is hidden information that tells you more about a image, document or audio file than you see at the first look. These data can come in various formats. It can contain a lot of important information and give a clue about the source and the origin of the file. With the help of our digital asset management system, we help you to read such metadata.



What metadata is contained in files?

The metadata behind a file can be very diverse. For example, information about the author, the date of origin or the size can be stored there for a text document. The metadata for image files plays a special role. More important information can be stored here, among others:

  • Camera Model
  • aperture setting
  • Exposure Time
  • recording time
  • Photographer
  • Shutter
  • Geodata that tells you where the image was taken
  • ISO values
  • Image size and quality
  • Size

Structured management of image metadata is part of professional image management.

How can image information be read?

Metadata gives you a lot of important information about a file. As a rule, they are not difficult to find and can be viewed with just a few mouse clicks. However, if you want to manually read all metadata from photos, it is a very tedious process. Plus, you can barely use them without the right tool.

This is where our software comes into play. Using our DAM system, you can sort and structure your images and files based on their metadata. The integrated search function makes it easy to find the picture you want. This makes your job easier and simplifies your processes.

This information is also helpful for companies that put a large amount of images and data online. They can effectively organize and structure their files and provide them to their customers. In addition, when you read and analyze metadata, it allows you to draw on target audiences, success of marketing strategies, and other metrics.

Our software can read a variety of formats

There are different structures of metadata, for example:

  • Exif
  • IPTC
  • Xmp

Our software is able to read and process all popular formats of meta-information. This helps you in the keywording and full text search immensely, as our system can search across folders for terms. Especially useful is the automatic image recognition of TESSA. It will allow you to suggest asset tags directly, so you do not have to set them manually anymore.

Our TESSA DAM can read Exif, Iptc and Xmp metadata and automatically save it to your assets. Afterwards, you can comb your assets over and over again for this metadata. Manually searching your hard disk and cloud services is a thing of the past!