Digital Asset Management via RestAPI

Digital asset management via RestAPI

The Rest API, integrated in TESSA, offers you an open interface to develop your own applications, connectors or plug-ins for or with TESSA DAM. TESSA DAM's standardized RestAPI lets you access all the capabilities of TESSA DAM and easily share and use your digital assets with any system in your existing software landscape or IT infrastructure.

Whether you need assets for your Web-2-Print solution to create advertising materials (e.g., catalogs, product flyers, or leaflets). Or if you just want to share data with other software solutions, such as PIM, ERP or CRM system. The RestAPI can be used whenever you have an overview of our existing integration capabilities for Akeneo-PIM, Photoshop or OXID eSales can.

Some options and functions of the RestAPI interface

TESSA DAM's RestAPI gives you read and write access to all of TESSA's core features. Whether you want to use the interface to manage new assets or to distribute existing assets through collections. With this interface you have all the possibilities of digital asset management with TESSA at your disposal.

1. Inserting and Editing Assets

The RestAPI interface gives you the functionality to upload and save new assets in TESSA. Here you can fill all metadata and the asset e.g. Classify into categories, define keywords, maintain descriptions, specify comments and control workflows. If you want to modify or edit existing assets, you can additionally version the asset or edit the metadata of the current versions.

2. Managing Categories

With the RestAPI you can read out or change the existing category structure in just a few steps. You can also create new categories, rename or move existing categories, categorize digital assets and download all assets in a category.

3. Working with shopping carts and collections

The easiest way to share your digital assets with others is to use collections. These can not only be created and managed via the easy-to-use web interface of TESSA DAM, but also via the RestAPI interface. If you are not satisfied with the already available TESSA web portals, you can View the contents of a collection directly from the RestAPI interface in your own website. So you can easily publish your own image galleries, photo databases or brand portals on the Internet.

4. Working with product and reference data

One of the great advantages of Digital Asset Management with TESSA DAM is the close connection of your assets with your product data. Since TESSA DAM enables you to connect any asset with one or more products, this system is ideal for distributors and manufacturers of products. So you can integrate your product data via the RestAPI interface from your PIM (eg Akeneo), your ERP system (eg SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, etc.) or any other system directly into TESSA.

If you have any further questions about the possibilities with our Rest API interface, feel free to contact us contact and we can provide you with documentation about TESSA DAM's RestAPI.