Features and functions

Search and find your digital assets and images

Powerful and fast search for your digital assets

TESSA DAM offers a variety of ways to easily search within your assets and find the images, videos, presentations and documents you need. No matter if you search hundreds or thousands of digital assets here. - TESSA helps you to quickly find the images, videos, documents or any other files you are looking for. Even searching the file contents of PDF and Office documents is possible.


Simple Search

Einfache Suche nach digitalen Assets

With TESSA's easy search, you can search all indexed digital assets, images, and videos. This searches all the defined contents of the asset or linked products. These can be any metadata, descriptions, file names or even product descriptions. The result will then be displayed either as a tabular list view or as a gallery view, giving you easy access to additional features related to your assets.

Advanced Search

Erweiterte Suche von TESSA Digital Asset Management

With advanced search, you can search for specific information. Various search queries are possible:

  • Assets that have been processed in a defined period
  • Pictures of a particular photographer or shoot
  • Documents in a desired workflow status
  • Assets from a specific category sorted by creation date
  • Images whose license expires in 14 days

Of course, the individual search parameters can also be combined arbitrarily to get even more accurate search results.

Saved Searches

Gespeicherte Suche von TESSA DAM

TESSA offers the possibility to save search queries and to execute them either automatically or with a click. Thus you can access certain contents of your media database very quickly without having to redefine the search queries each time. If new assets for your search query are found over time, they will be automatically displayed on the next call. In addition, TESSA will automatically let you know about new search results via email if you have set up a subscription.

Notifications about new search results

Abo für gespeicherte Suchen Dialog

TESSA can automatically inform you about new results for your saved searches. Just add a subscription and let us inform you by e-mail as soon as there are new assets. This is how you find out automatically, for example if a new image has been uploaded or existing assets have been changed. Be notified automatically when new assets in certain categories or with specific keywords are available in your media database.

Search in files

Suche nach automatisch erkannten Bildinhalten

TESSA can not only find your digital assets by searching your automatic or manual metadata. TESSA can also search texts from PDF documents and Office files. Thanks to automatic image recognition, TESSA is also able to recognize image content and use it for full-text search. Scanned documents can also be searched through the integrated OCR software.