Features and functions

Share and publish your digital assets

Share your digital content more easily than ever before

TESSA-DAM gives you numerous options for your assets ( images, videos , documents and files ) directly from the media database with your team share . Manually uploading to other services like WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud providers is no longer necessary and all data remains in your hands or under your control.

Web portals

Dialog zum Erstellen von Webportalen zum Teilen und Veröffentlichen

Web Portals in TESSA-DAM are the best way to share digital assets with the entire enterprise or external service providers. Whether agencies, partners, offices, photographers or suppliers - web portals offer the maximum convenience when sharing digital content. They can be granted access rights, take over the automatic conversion of all digital assets and can be functionally extended as desired. In addition, they can be customized in terms of appearance, layout and CI to customer requirements. In addition to file download portals, Portals are also available for File Upload . These are particularly suitable for cooperation with external service providers such as agencies or photographers.

Share by link

Dialog zum Erstellen von Links zum Teilen und Veröffentlichen

You can share all digital assets such as images, videos and documents with Digital Asset Management via TESSA DAM. You can add a validity period to this link and then send it out via TESSA's web form or by copy&paste with any other application you require.

Automatic sharing via FTP

When you use Digital Asset Management with TESSA, you can leverage very rich automated features and workflows . So you can, for example, Control the publishing of your digital assets using rules that automatically convert your assets to any channel or recipient and via FTP . This can also be done once or repeatedly. A simple rule here could be that you send all assets of a certain category or in a certain workflow status via FTP to a graphics service provider every night to have them processed there.

Share as PowerPoint, Excel or PDF

PowerPoint direkt in TESSA erstellen

TESSA is one of the few digital asset management systems that offers you the ability to edit your digital assets as an editable Powerpoint or Excel file , PDF , or as Contact to create and share. Plus, additional data from linked products can be included to the assets. This function is very usefull for creating sales documents , illustrated product price lists , product data sheets or lookbooks for the fashion industry with just a few clicks. Since all files are based on individually designed templates your creativity knows no bounds.

Share by RestAPI

RestAPI Überblick TESSA DAM

The TESSA-DAM built-in RestAPI interface also gives you the power to share your assets, by automatically querying and reusing them via the RestAPI interface . No matter if you want to use them in a connected third party system like an ERP or CRM system or if you publish them directly as a gallery view or product presentation on your website. TESSA will provide you with the data as needed. This means data can be automatically converted, scaled and optimized for the individual user case.

All publications in view

No matter how you publish or share your digital content. TESSA always has an overview of who has used, downloaded or used your data. For this purpose, TESSA creates corresponding proofs of use, which you can view at any time per collection or per asset. Thus, you can react very quickly to changes of assets and distribute appropriate information or point out the recipient of changes.

Publish via CDN (Content Delivery Network)

TESSA DAM offers many capabilities to publish your content. This includes the ability to publish your content, such as images, videos, or any file via an optional CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network). Thus, you can ensure that your data is easily available even in case of high load peaks and high traffic on your website or in your online shop. Connecting to a CDN allows you to easily scale your capacities and adapt them to current needs.