Digital Asset Management with TESSA in practice

Watch our videos to see how easy it is to work with TESSA-DAM and how steps can be automated.

With these other hands-on examples, we'll show you how digital asset management with TESSA DAM can help you meet your daily needs more easily. The possibilities here are certainly almost unlimited so that the examples here can only give a small overview.


1. Connection to a PIM system

Connect your PIM system with TESSA DAM and benefit from the advantages of both systems. Once you have linked your assets to one or more products, you can use this information to find the assets you're looking for by simply searching for your product data. So TESSA DAM can show you all the digital assets for a product that was found in a keyword search within the product description. - Of course you can also find out about this feature through the Using RestAPI and in your PIM System eg View thumbnails of your assets for a product.

How Integration looks like in practice? a online demo . We have already explored the possibilities of such integration with our Connector for Akeneo implemented.

2. Automatic conversion of digital assets

One of the strengths of TESSA DAM is the ability to manage any asset and automatically convert it for the particular channel or purpose. In this conversion, an image, a video, or any other document, e.g. in compliance with defined specifications (eg resolution, color space, colourfulness, file size, etc.) converted and for the desired channel (e.g. website, catalog, online shop, etc.) or a connected third party system (e.g. PIM, ERP, CRM, CMS, etc.) Optimized provided. Of course, the auto-conversion capabilities are also available through the RestAPI .

3. Integration in any third party system

All the digital assets (images, videos, and documents) that you manage in TESSA DAM can be accessed via Connectors and plug-ins that RestAPI interface, exits or automatic exports can be integrated into any third-party systems. No matter if you need images for your website based on an editorial system (eg Contao, Typo3, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.), videos for your Youtube channel or preview data for your internal software solutions (ERP, CRM or PIM). - Digital Asset Management with TESSA DAM allows you to centrally manage your assets in TESSA DAM and access that central data from any system.

4. Fully automatic optimized images for responsive designs

The need to present digital content across multiple devices also requires new approaches to delivering that content. Responsive design or the responsive presentation of content makes it imperative to prepare images for these different end devices. Here, images must be cropped, scaled and optimized. TESSA DAM can automate all these tasks for you and ensure the optimal provision of this data. In TESSA DAM you can define settings such as focus points and image details for each of your digital assets. These data can then be used depending on the purpose and TESSA can automatically determine the appropriate image sections and provide them as a stand-alone image.

5. Connection to Web-2-Print solutions for fully automatic advertising media production

As a manufacturer or distributor of products, it may now be useful and necessary to use print media (brochures, catalogs, product flyers, etc.) as a marketing tool. By using PIM and DAM systems in combination with Web-2-Print solutions (eg Comet from Werk2, InBetween or PIM2Catalog), there are now completely new ways and possibilities in the production of advertising material. TESSA DAM can play a crucial role in the optimal provision of image data and digital assets through the many options and the integrated RestAPI. For example, TESSA DAM can be Automatically convert all assets for partially or fully automated catalog and advertising media production and make them available for the desired advertising material. Manual conversion and deployment is therefore no longer necessary.