Combine Akeneo PIM and DAM system

Combine a product information management system with a digital asset management solution and reap the benefits of both worlds.

Digital Asset Management for Akeneo PIM

By using Akeneo and a DAM system, you have the perfect basis for a multichannel marketing strategy for your company. Together with our partner Akeneo, the open source PIM, we have developed Tessa-DAM, an optimal and proven solution for your modern brand communication. So you can use the advantages of Akeneo and DAM for an optimal result.

Perfect Match DAM/PIM

TESSA Integration for Akeneo PIM

Screenshot - Eigene TESSA-Attribute in Akeneo-PIM

Management of any TESSA attributes in Akeneo

You can create as many TESSA attributes as you want in your Akeneo installation, allowing you to associate any asset stored in TESSA (images, multimedia data, documents, etc.) with a product. For example, you can link a main image, multiple product description images, a promotional video, or testimonials to a product in Akeneo using your DAM system. Of course, all this is also possible depending on the channel and language.

Screenshot - Asset- und Bildauswahl aus TESSA direkt in Akeneo

Search and find in TESSA

The fully integrated selection dialog allows you to quickly access all assets stored in TESSA. All features and functions of TESSA are available to find the desired assets. These include a full-text search, categories and keywords, as well as the ability to search and sort by any asset metadata.

Screenshot - Bild- und Assetvorschau direkt in Akeneo

Live preview of assets in Akeneo

As soon as you have assigned an asset to a product, a live preview is available in Akeneo. This means that in the Edit dialog as well as in the List view you can always see all assets associated with the product.

Screenshot - TESSA Konnektor-Bundle für Akeneo-PIM

Many more features and functions

By linking a DAM system, Akeneo has access to all the features that are enabled in your media database. These include the following:

  • Working with versions and custom workflows for assets.
  • Working with a placeholder if the desired asset is not yet available
  • Access permissions to defined areas and assets via the rights and roles concept
  • Intuitive user interface with drag&drop functions
  • Direct access to TESSA for designers, photographers and anyone who only needs to work with the asset data and not the product dat
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