Integrated DAM solution for akeneo-PIM

Practice demonstrates that connecting a PIM system with a DAM solution will shorten the Time to market dramatically. With our partner Akeneo, the open source PIM company, a complete solution has been developed for your modern brand communication. - So you are able to use all the advantages of both systems to reach optimum results.



Managing any TESSA™-attributes

You can add any amount of Tessa-attributes in akeneo with which you can relate every stored asset (images, multimedia data, documents etc.) with a product. So, for example you have the possibility to relate a main picture with further product pictures to describe the article or to relate promos and test reports with one or more products.



Search and find within TESSA™

The full integrated selection dialogue enables you to have fast access to any Tessa asset. All Tessa features are availabe to find the asset you are looking for. These are e.g. full text search, category and catchphrase as well as the possibility to search and sort any meta data of an asset.



Live preview

As soon as you have assigned an asset to a product you will see a live preview within Akeneo. This means that you will see the connected assets in the edit menu and in the list view of your product.



Many additional Features

With the Akeneo connector you are able to access all the features, which are activated in your Tessa. This includes for example the following:

  • versioning of assets
  • working with place holders in case the desired asset is not availabe
  • Access control for areas and assets via rights and roll management
  • intuitive user interface with drag&drop functionality
  • direct access to the Tessa for designers, photographers and everyone who only needs to work with assets and not with product data