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Central Storage

Beliebige Dateien und Formate mit TESSA DAM verwalten.

To be able to manage your files efficiently, you need them all in one folder – and that’s exactly what I provide. You can structure your database using folders, categories and tags while I automatically deal with the categorization and tagging by reading the file information or by being connected to a PIM system.

Seeking & Finding

Leistungsstarke Suchfunktionen für alle Assets

Ask me anything! Whether you’re looking for customer data, information on items or product data: My full-text search lets you find the desired assets within seconds. The live preview, that shows you the data while you’re searching, makes this task even easier. Make troublesome searches a thing of the past!


Binde beliebige Kanäle an TESSA Digital Asset Management an

The best content is worth nothing if no one sees it. I help you transmit the right data to online shops, apps, print media or product databases. Connect me with these systems and I provide them with the relevant media. In the process, I automatically compute the correct output format.

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