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Organize your Media

Organizing media - with our digital asset management software

Digital Asset Management with TESSA DAM is ideal for manufacturers and retailers in managing digital assets (images, documents, videos, etc.). Our DAM tool can work independently or in conjunction with a PIM system (e.g. Akeneo-PIM).


Central filing


Ideally, in order to manage your files efficiently, they are located in one central location. With folders, categories and keywords you structure your database. Through an automated process, the categorization and keywording is taken directly from our digital asset management system - either by reading out file information or by linking TESSA with a PIM system.

Search & find


You can ask TESSA almost everything. Whether you are looking for customer, article or product data - with the full text search you can find the desired assets in seconds. The live preview, which shows you the files already during the search, makes this task even easier. No more annoying searches!

Distribute & Publish


What's the use of the most beautiful content if nobody sees it? As a digital asset management provider, we help you to forward the relevant data to online shops, apps, print media or product databases. Connect these systems with TESSA and use the single-source solution for your productivity. TESSA automatically calculates the appropriate output format.

Suchen mit TESSA Digital Asset Management


„The transition to Tessa as the new DAM system went completely smooth. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed system introduction! In less than two months the thing was up!"


Oliver Kleinjans
Teamleader Sales Master Data Management

„TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers. Our PR agency also uses it. Through its seamless integration with Akeneo, our PIM solution, we eliminate effort and save time"

Nicolas Metzke
Melvin & Hamilton Digital

As a hub for Germany, Scandinavia and Poland, Tessa is an extremely helpful system for EPOCH Traumwiesen GmbH to supply our colleagues as well as our customers with data simply, quickly and effectively. For us an indispensable tool, which we consider to be very future-proof. In the long term we would like to achieve an automated integration into our systems."

Jürgen Zacherl
Marketing Manager
EPOCH Traumwiesen GmbH

"TESSA greatly simplified and improved our workflow at that time. It is the perfect complement to an intelligent e-commerce solution package. Thanks to the product's versatility, it could be easily implemented into an existing shop system in a standardised or customised way."

Quynh Pham
IT Consultant
Accenture GmbH

"TESSA is an important tool for us worldwide. In combination with the connector TESSA creates the perfect connection to our PIM system, Akeneo. This has enabled us to digitalise our processes even more worldwide and to achieve a significant improvement of the Time-to-market."


Myriam Bohr
Digital Marketing Manager
C. Josef Lamy GmbH

New TESSA 2.0 Now discover


Thanks to the numerous connectors and plug-ins for TESSA, our digital asset management solution can be perfectly integrated into your IT landscape. Create the perfect media workflow in your company.



Highest security standards for your data through German servers and strict data protection principles.


  • Our servers are all located in Germany and are subject to the strictest security measures

  • We work according to the new European data protection regulations (DSGVO)

  • The high-speed connection and the operation of all system components are redundant to guarantee an availability of 99.99% p.a.

  • Measures for strict access control, encryption, logging, regular data backups and many more

  • Certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Perfect for Manufactors and Dealers

Be faster on the market and do like our customers! TESSA is already in use by many different customers from a wide range of industries.