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Organizing media - with our digital asset management software

Digital Asset Management with TESSA DAM is ideal for manufacturers and retailers in managing digital assets (images, documents, videos, etc.). Our DAM tool can work independently or in conjunction with a PIM system (e.g. Akeneo-PIM).

Central filing

Ideally, in order to manage your files efficiently, they are located in one central location. With folders, categories and keywords you structure your database. Through an automated process, the categorization and keywording is taken directly from our digital asset management system - either by reading out file information or by linking TESSA with a PIM system.

Search & find

Suchen mit TESSA Digital Asset Management

You can ask TESSA almost everything. Whether you are looking for customer, article or product data - with the full text search you can find the desired assets in seconds. The live preview, which shows you the files already during the search, makes this task even easier. No more annoying searches!

Distribute & Publish

What's the use of the most beautiful content if nobody sees it? As a digital asset management provider, we help you to forward the relevant data to online shops, apps, print media or product databases. Connect these systems with TESSA and use the single-source solution for your productivity. TESSA automatically calculates the appropriate output format.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a system for managing, editing and distributing digital content.

When is the introduction of a DAM system worthwhile?

Digital asset management is used primarily in companies where a large number of digital assets have to be managed, distributed or published (on the website, in the online shop, in the print catalog, etc.) in the form of files and previous solutions are no longer sufficient.
But even self-employed and individuals who have to manage many files often use DAM software. In order to find out if a Media Asset Management System offers advantages compared to your previous solution, the following questions can help you to question your current working method.

  • Are your images and digital assets, such as product data sheets, videos, moody images or manuals, on a hard drive or network drive?
  • Do you need to manually edit and optimize your digital assets for the online store or website before uploading them?
  • Are you using a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or ownCloud?
  • Can't you find images or files because you do not know where they were placed in your folder structure?
  • Do you save images and assets multiple times in different resolutions for different purposes?
  • Do you often email large files to suppliers, team members, or customers?

The questions listed here are just a few of the areas in which TESSA-DAM can help you with your daily work and simplify work processes. It also supports you in the following tasks:

  • versioning of files
  • Image Management
  • File Management
  • Reading Metadata

Try a free demonstration of our TESSA DAM solution, we like to show you how TESSA works in practice.

Synonyms for Digital Asset Management or image database

In common usage, other terms have become established alongside the terms Digital Asset Management and Media Asset Management. These include the following:

  • Image Database
  • Image Archive
  • Media Database
  • Media Library Software
  • Digital Media Management
  • Digital Asset Software
  • DAM system (= Digital Asset Management)
  • MAM system (= Media Asset Management)
  • Product Asset Management
  • Media Portal
  • Marketing Asset Management

The variety of terms can quickly cause confusion. For example, a Digital Asset Management System is often simply called Media Asset Management and in common usage it is often referred to as an image database when DAM software is actually meant.

Ultimately, however, one can say that the systems behind these terms functionally differ only slightly from one another and deal with the same main topic: simplifying the work with digital assets and files.

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