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Product data enrichment in Product Information Management

With the Product Information Management you ensure the completeness of your data and enrich the SEO.

schedule 6 min

Why companies that work with many products should use a PIM

The Product Information Management System (PIM) is the single point of truth for your product master data management.

schedule 6 min

Wanted - Found: How a DAM system makes it easier to manage and find media

There is so much more than the file name that a DAM allows you to search for assets by. We'll show you what's possible.

schedule 7 min

Media channels: The right format for every purpose

Just having assets is nice. Delivering the assets in the form required by the customer or required by the target system without much effort is effective!

schedule 6 min

How do digital assets get into a DAM system

Whether it's photos, product sketches, action pictures, operating instructions, certificates or other material - we'll show you how to efficiently feed them into automated processes.

schedule 9 min

Digital Asset Management in the enterprise process

We explain what a DAM - a Digital Asset Management System - is in the corporate process and what serious efficiency advantages it brings companies to work with it.

schedule 10 min