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for all your digital content.

Digital Asset Management with TESSA gives you control over all your digital content such as images, videos, PDFs or documents.

Supported formats

Organize all formats in one place.

With TESSA, you can manage all formats effortlessly. It doesn't matter what kind of media you want to store: photos or graphics, audio or video files, print templates or Office documents.

A preview for everything

  • no need to download original / Photoshop documents
  • Show PDF documents
  • Videos Jumpmarks
Duplicate check and mass processing

Keep control and save storage space.

Never duplicate files again! The system automatically detects duplicates and helps you clean them up. This saves disk space and keeps your media database always up-to-date and clear.

Do it all with one click. Optimized dialogs allow you to edit metadata, such as photographs or the product depicted, on countless assets at the same time.

Asset versions and archive

Nothing is lost to you anymore.

Easily track changes. The media database logs all asset versions, so you always have access to the latest file. Internal agencies or clients can be included in approval or correction loops.

Focus on your current assets. Media can be marked as archived and are therefore no longer included in the search. This way you only find what is actually relevant for you.

Intelligently manage metadata

Image recognition and categorization via AI.

TESSA is able to read and process all common formats of meta information. Our complex keyword tree helps you classify and categorize your files.

In addition, the automatic image recognition via Google Vision API recognizes image content and suggests suitable keywords or categories. In addition to image content, text content can also be recognized and evaluated using OCR processes and used for full-text searches, for example.

"The changeover to TESSA as the new digital asset management system went completely smoothly. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed system introduction! The thing was up and running in less than two months!"

Oliver Kleinjans
Teamleader Sales Master Data Management, 
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