TESSA integrations and plugins

With existing connectors and plug-ins, you can easily integrate TESSA into existing systems and make your daily work easier. Your digital assets can be stored centrally and shared with any system or software solution without duplicating or copying it.



Digital Asset Management with TESSA also means full integration into any third-party systems. There are many plug-ins and connectors to integrate TESSA DAM into your daily work and digital processes . So today you can directly connect TESSA with other systems such as websites, online stores , Product Information Management Systems , Connecting Graphics and Office programs. Either ready-made connectors are available, or you can just use the built-in TESSA DAM to learn more about the built-in RestAPI interface RestAPI interface .


Conten Delivery Network

By using the connector, you can connect TESSA-DAM to any content delivery network service and thus make your digital content available to the end customer even faster worldwide, for example in the online store or on the website.

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Logo Akeneo-PIM

Akeneo PIM

Our connector for Akeneo-PIM integrates TESSA-DAM seamlessly into Akeneo. Thus, you expand your PIM system to a full-fledged professional DAM system, which offers all functions to deal with images, videos, data sheets and other assets.

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Logo OXID eSales

OXID esales

Link images from your TESSA directly to products in your shop? - With our connector bundle for OXID eSales that's no problem. After installation, you can access all product images and assets stored in your TESSA directly from OXID.

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Logo Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop CC

With our plugin for Photoshop CC you have full access to all images and graphics stored in your TESSA. After installing the plug-in, you have direct access to all image and graphics data. The most important functions such as Full-text search is also available directly in Photoshop.

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Logo Adobe InDesign

InDesign CC

After installing the plug-in, you have direct access to all InDesign documents stored in TESSA. In addition, you can place image and graphic data directly from TESSA in the document without having to leave InDesign. Important functions such as the full-text search and change notes for assets used are also available directly in InDesign, of course.

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Lightroom CC

With this extension for Tessa you have the possibility to easily link your image editing tool Adobe Lightroom CC with your media database. Transfer your developed images or RAW files from Lightroom directly into your Digital Asset Management System with just a few clicks and make the images available for further use. The marketing department, your product data managers or connected systems can thus access all assets very easily.


Illustrator CC

With our plug-in for Adobe Illustrator CC you have full access to all media stored in your Tessa DAM. Functions such as full text search for your image and graphic files are available directly in Illustrator and make your daily work easier. In addition, you can place assets directly from TESSA in the document without having to leave IIlustrator.

Digital Asset Management für Contao Open Source CMS

Contao CMS

Publish your assets with a few clicks on your website based on Contao (Professional Open Source Editorial System). So you can integrate individual assets (images, videos or documents) directly into Contao and save them centrally in TESSA. Download areas, image galleries and your own video portals with your centrally stored content can thus be realized in a very short time.



If you want to connect TESSA with other systems, you can use a full-featured RestAPI in addition to our connectors and plug-ins. This universal interface offers you all functions to realize any other connectors, connections or plug-ins. If you have questions about our RestAPI just contact us directly.

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