Digital Asset Management with Amazon Cloudfront (CDN)

By using a digital asset management system in conjunction with a content delivery network service such as Amazon CloudFront, assets can be made available even faster to end customers worldwide in the respective channels such as the online store or in the CMS.

What is Amazon CloudFront?

Amazon CloudFront is a CDN service (Content Delivery Network) of the American cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). This service makes data such as media, interfaces or applications available to customers around the world at high transmission speeds. Security is ensured by field-level encryption and HTTPS support, among other things. Amazon CloudFront is highly scalable and highly globally distributed. Typical use cases include global delivery of media and content to websites, securing dynamic content, and live and on-demand video streaming. Well-known brands such as Netflix, Tinder or Slack are already using Amazon CloudFront.

TESSA Digital Asset Management with CDN

Benefits of using Digital Asset Management and Amazon CDN

Benefit from increasing globalization and the growing amount of media and product data by using DAM and CDN.

  • Always up-to-date media assets:
    By using a CDN, the brand-new digital content is available even faster worldwide in the online store.
  • Better user satisfaction:
    Due to the faster loading times of the content from the DAM, visitors to the online store are more satisfied and bounce rates are lower.
  • Worldwide high-speed access:
    Global high-speed access to all media and product loads available in the DAM.
  • Worldwide secure access:
    Using HTTPS, global secure access to all online assets is ensured, reducing successful attacks

When should you use TESSA with Amazon CloudFront?

Digital Asset Management solution with CDN is particularly suitable for the following scenarios in the online store:

  • Very high and highly fluctuating access numbers
  • Very high content volume of online assets, such as images and videos
  • For performance optimization of the store
  • Very many global accesses without a corresponding server to reduce the response times of the webshop


By using TESSA Digital Asset Management with Amazon CloudFront, companies ensure that customers have optimal access to all media from the DAM system in the web store, regardless of their location. The Amazon CloudFront CDN in combination with TESSA ensures faster loading times, reduced load on the company's own server, and a high level of fail-safety. This ensures smooth global use of the media and product data from the DAM system in the web store.

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