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Combine Akeneo PIM and DAM system

Take advantage of both worlds: Seamlessly combine Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management.

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Integration Highlights

The Perfect Match


In Akeneo, you see your assets exactly where you want them to be. You can easily edit them there and have all TESSA DAM features available. In TESSA DAM, you can work with all the necessary product data from Akeneo. This makes it easier for you to search, for example. Learn here more about the technical functions of our Connector.


Rule based

More than one product number and for example an "H" in the file name for main product image are sufficient and the TESSA DAM performs all desired assignment functions automatically. For example, the image appears as a cover image in the correct size on your website and no one has to touch the file again. So you automatically save time and money.

Marketeer with product data manager


Efficient collaboration motivates. That's why marketers, photographers, product data managers, and the people who get the data can collaborate with each other in the easiest way possible - all using their favorite tool.

DAM with CDN


Significantly improve the performance and availability of your product images in online stores by using the automatic direct connection of the TESSA DAM to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). All common CDNs can be used (Cloudflare, Cloudfront, Akamai, Azure etc.).

With our certified AKENEO-TESSA app, you link digital media with your Akeneo product data. You can see TESSA assets in AKENEO directly on the product, and vice versa, you can work with product data in DAM. This way, both systems benefit from each other. Check out screenshots of the integration here.

Additional reasons that speak in favor of a PIM/DAM integration

  • settings_input_component
    Make changes in only one place at a time,
    which will then be applied to all channels.
  • lock
    Maintain full control over product data,
    with a single audited and approved version.
  • aspect_ratio
    So you always have all the assets you need available,
    in the right size, format and version.
  • event
    Benefit from a shortened time-to-market
    by seamlessly connecting asset and product data.
  • play_circle_outline
    Meet the growing demand for more and more content,
    by streamlining creation, management and distribution.
  • assignment_turned_in
    Ensure brand consistency across all channels,
    with approved and ready-to-use assets.
  • favorite_border
    Your customers have the perfect product experience
    because they can interact with extensive up-to-date material.
  • supervisor_account
    Have a motivated team
    because everyone can focus on their tasks without overhead.

TESSA gives AKENEO wings

  • Nicolas Metzke
    Melvin & Hamilton Digital
    TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers.
    TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers. Our PR agency also uses it. Through its seamless integration with Akeneo, our PIM solution, we eliminate effort and save time.
  • Myriam Bohr
    Digital Marketing Manager
    C. Josef Lamy GmbH
    TESSA the perfect match for our PIM system, Akeneo.
    TESSA is an important tool for us worldwide. In combination with the connector, TESSA creates the perfect match to our PIM system, Akeneo. EIKONA Media thus helped us to digitalize our processes even more worldwide and to achieve a significant improvement in time-to-market.
  • Oliver Kleinjans
    Teamleader Sales Master Data Management
    SLV GmbH
    I have rarely witnessed such a relaxed system introduction!
    The changeover to Tessa as the new digital asset management system went completely smoothly. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed system introduction! The thing was up and running in less than two months!
  • Isabel Stehling
    Online Content Managerin
    SEVERIN Elektrogeräte GmbH
    TESSA has enabled us to digitize and better organize our processes
    TESSA has enabled us to digitize and better organize our processes. With the help of categorization, all our marketing content can now be found more quickly, which saves us a lot of time. Thanks to the central storage, external service providers, customers and partners worldwide can also access the desired content.

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