TESSA: Overview of functions and features

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TESSA Digital Asset Management supports with functions and features to overcome the specific challenges associated with the provision of digital assets.

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Functions and features

TESSA AI features

AI automation

In TESSA DAM, you can already use the power of artificial intelligence for a wide range of tasks and processes. Tagging, cropping, color recognition and much more.

All digital media in one place


So that you can manage your media files efficiently, they should ideally be in a central location that all employees can access easily. Use folders, categories and keywords to bring structure to your database.

Search easily and find quickly

search queries

You can ask TESSA anything. Whether you are looking for customer, article or product data - with the expert search you can find the assets you need in seconds. Save time searching for media in the future.

Complete tasks more quickly with workflows


With media workflows in TESSA, you can complete your tasks more efficiently as a team. You can create and carry out approval or editing processes directly in the media database and change requests can be stored on the asset.

Easily manage licenses, rights and roles

user roles

Simply create users in TESSA and define different user groups. You can add different authorizations to each role. This way, everyone only gets to see what they really need.

Media portals for smart distribution

web portals

Share your new product range with journalists or influencers. Or make new collections available to your retailers. Appealing interface in the corporate design of your brand.

Efficient distribution and publishing


Distribute your media to the desired location with just a few clicks or completely automatically. TESSA converts every asset into the right format. Easy integration of online stores, apps, print media or product databases such as Akeneo.

TESSA integrations and interface


Integrate TESSA into your existing system landscape with ease. Simplify your daily tasks and work more efficiently with colleagues from other departments.

TESSA success stories

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Digital Asset Management Life Cycle

Efficient resource management

TESSA supports in the Digital Asset Life Cycle

The Digital Asset Lifecycle helps organizations efficiently manage their digital resources and ensure that they are appropriately handled both during their active use and after their "resting phase."

  1. Create: Design, Capture, Classify
  2. Manage: Review, Comment, Approve
  3. Distribute: Distribute, Transmit
  4. Retrieve: Search, Find, Reuse
  5. Archive: Retain, Discard

TESSA inspires users

  • Lea Renner
    Junior Marketingmanager
    POSITEC Germany GmbH
    TESSA saves us an enormous amount of time in our daily tasks.
    TESSA saves us an enormous amount of time in our daily tasks. Product images and other marketing content can now be stored and found centrally. This means that they can be downloaded in the desired format by colleagues, but also by external agencies. The TESSA Pro portal is also very practical for our B2B management.
  • Isabel Stehling
    Online Content Managerin
    SEVERIN Elektrogeräte GmbH
    TESSA has enabled us to digitize and better organize our processes
    TESSA has enabled us to digitize and better organize our processes. With the help of categorization, all our marketing content can now be found more quickly, which saves us a lot of time. Thanks to the central storage, external service providers, customers and partners worldwide can also access the desired content.
  • Nicolas Metzke
    Melvin & Hamilton Digital
    TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers.
    TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers. Our PR agency also uses it. Through its seamless integration with Akeneo, our PIM solution, we eliminate effort and save time.
  • Myriam Bohr
    Digital Marketing Manager
    C. Josef Lamy GmbH
    TESSA the perfect match for our PIM system, Akeneo.
    TESSA is an important tool for us worldwide. In combination with the connector, TESSA creates the perfect match to our PIM system, Akeneo. EIKONA Media thus helped us to digitalize our processes even more worldwide and to achieve a significant improvement in time-to-market.