Akeneo Connector Developed by EIKONA Media

Digital Asset Management for Akeneo PIM. By using Akeneo and TESSA you have the perfect basis for a multichannel marketing strategy for your company.

Together with our long-term partner Akeneo, the open source PIM, we have developed TESSA-DAM, an optimal and proven solution for your modern brand communication. This way you can bundle the advantages of PIM and DAM and create a perfect product experience.


Use digital asset management features from TESSA also in Akeneo
Media workflows in Akeneo for more control and optimal quality
Keep your Akeneo PIM more perfomanent with linked assets from TESSA
Creates orders through the detection of duplicate media
Automatically rename product images based on defined rules


Live preview in Akeneo
As soon as you have assigned an asset to a product, a live preview is available.
Management of any number of TESSA attributes in Akeneo
Linking of main images, images for product description or a promotional video possible.
Rule-based linking of Akeneo and TESSA data possible
Using freely definable rules, the connector can automate the assignment of image and media data to your product data.
Use all DAM functions also in Akeneo
Akeneo has access to all features that are active in TESSA.
Assignment of images and products via drag & drop
With TESSA, you can assign any assets such as images and documents directly to your products by dragging and dropping.

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