Cloudflare Connector Developed by EIKONA Media

Digital Asset Management mit TESSA und Cloudflare Content Delivery Network

By using the Cloudflare connector you can connect your TESSA DAM with the CDN service. This way, you can make your digital content, for example for the online store or on the website, available to the end customer worldwide even faster.


When to use TESSA with Cloudflare CDN:

  • Very high content volume of product images and videos.
  • Very high and strongly fluctuating access numbers
  • To optimize the performance of the store
  • High number of global accesses


Improved customer satisfaction through faster loading times of digital assets
SEO optimization of the media through possible URL adjustments
Automated asset conversion possible through CDN connector
Always available media in the online store through intelligent CDN distribution
Connector is compatible with all major CDN providers


Worldwide Secure Access
Using HTTPS, worldwide secure access to all online assets is ensured, reducing successful attacks.
Fast access worldwide
Global high-speed access to all media and product loads available in the DAM.

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