Creative Force Connector Developed by EIKONA Media

Connect TESSA Digital Asset Management with Creative Force studio management software. Creative Force simplifies and automates photo and video production in e-commerce.

With our TESSA Creative Force connector, we enable a smooth data exchange between both systems. You can automatically upload the assets you need and the associated metadata from Creative Force to DAM and vice versa.

This way, you're in control of the entire content creation process and your digital assets are created smoothly. Once the work stops in Creative Force, Digital Asset Management comes into play! Manage the creation and production of digital assets (photos and videos) in Creative Force, and store, edit, and distribute them through approval processes and export channels in TESSA DAM.


Use TESSA DAM features in creative power
Smooth collaboration between photographers, product managers and marketers
Nothing is lost after photo production with the use of DAM
Automatic renaming and product mapping of Creative Force photos to TESSA assets


Creative Force data preview in TESSA
Once you have assigned an asset to a product in Creative Force, all the information from Creative Force is available to you in TESSA.
Linking to photo and video assets
You have the ability to jump directly to Creative Force at linked assets via dialogs in TESSA.
Creative Force Placeholder Assets in TESSA
You can use placeholder assets to start your processes in DAM and PIM, even if no final image has been created yet.
Creative Force Job and Product Creation in DAM
You can create your required products and jobs via a dialog in TESSA DAM. Single data manually or several via CSV.

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