Magento 2 Integration Developed by fluidweb

Digital Asset Management with TESSA and Magento 2

With the Connector Bundle for Magento 2 from our partner fluidweb, you can easily insert images and documents from TESSA directly into Magento 2.

In the future, you no longer have to download your digital media from TESSA individually and upload them to Magento 2.


Working with versions and custom workflows for assets
Working with placeholders if the desired asset is not yet available
Access authorizations to defined areas and assets via the rights and roles concept
Intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop functions
Direct and easy access to TESSA for designers and photographers


Optimized product images
TESSA automatically converts to the desired file format and file size.
Working with image versions in Magento
Changes to product images can be easily tracked in Magento and can be undone.

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