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Connect our DAM system with your surrounding systems. If you can't find the right integrations, feel free to share your requirements with us.

New module for TESSA DAM. Strengthen your brand with our TESSA BrandHub. Link and distribute your digital assets and product data in a unique brand portal. You can test BrandHub for free here. We would be happy to present this product to you in detail during a demo.

Pre-built integrations



Optimize your PX strategy with Digital Asset Management for Akeneo PIM, a proven solution that combines the strengths of PIM and DAM.

Creative Force


The integration of TESSA with Creative Force simplifies and automates photo and video production in e-commerce.



The Photoshop extension for TESSA brings digital asset management to Photoshop and enables full access to all files.



The Illustrator extension for TESSA integrates digital asset management into Illustrator and enables direct access to all content.



The InDesign extension for TESSA gives you direct access to all assets and seamlessly integrates digital asset management into InDesign.

MS Azure


The Microsoft Azure connector enables TESSA to connect seamlessly with the CDN service to provide digital content in online stores and websites worldwide even faster.

Amazon CloudFront


Through the Amazon Cloudfront connector, TESSA can be seamlessly connected to the AWS CDN service to deliver digital content faster globally.



For Cloudflare, we also provide a CDN connector for TESSA, which provides all the advantages of the CDN service for global content distribution.



The Akamai CDN connector rounds off our CDN integration portfolio for TESSA and significantly improves the loading times of your product images in the online store.



Discover the connector for automated data exchange between Akeneo/TESSA and Tradebyte/ on our partner's website.



You can find more information about the automated product data exchange between Akeneo/TESSA on our partner's website.

Toolpilots MATE


We offer an integration of TESSA with the project management tool Toolpilots MATE. You can find more information about the solution on their website.

Individual Integration

Digital Asset Management via REST API

Postman API Doku

If you want to connect TESSA with other systems, our API is at your disposal. It provides you with all the functions to integrate additional solutions. If you have any questions about our interface, feel free to contact us directly.

If you would like us to implement an integration for your project, please feel free to reach out to us.

  • Nicolas Metzke
    Melvin & Hamilton Digital
    TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers.
    TESSA is the perfect link between our creative people and online merchandiser and marketeers. Our PR agency also uses it. Through its seamless integration with Akeneo, our PIM solution, we eliminate effort and save time.
  • FAQ

    Why do you need a REST API in a digital asset management system?

    A REST API enables easy access and management of digital assets, facilitates integration with other systems such as content management systems and e-commerce platforms, and supports system customization and extensibility. It also enables the automation of workflows and promotes the development of custom applications and integrations. Overall, the REST API helps to improve the flexibility, interaction with other systems and efficiency of the DAM system.

    What advantages does TESSA DAM offer through the integration options with other systems?

    The integration of TESSA DAM with other platforms improves the workflow within the team, ensures consistency in asset usage throughout the organization, expands functionality, centralizes asset management and creates a single point of truth. Overall, this leads to more efficient asset management and improves decision-making within the company.

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