Magic Trinity – Prepare for the smoothest entry into the world of PX!

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PIM – DAM – PRINT – PRAISE! Three partners to give you a head start. Three solutions in two needs-oriented entry packages allow you to quickly leverage your product data and images to produce simple publications.

Recap Unlock 2023

TESSA & InBetween Unlock 2023

Our TESSA-Team looks back – together with our partner InBetween – on two successful days at this year’s Unlock with great input, many interesting conversations and exciting workshops. A thank you to Daniel Hülsmeyer, Head of E-Commerce at our long-term partner ZEG, who supported our CEO Salvatore with his workshop „It’s a DAM(n) problem“.

Thank you Akeneo for hosting this great „rendez vous“ in Paris!

A Trusted Trinity

Three partners to give you a head start.

Akeneo PIM

In Akeneo, you see your assets exactly where you want them to be.This guarantees that your product data is the trusted single source of truth at all times.


With TESSA DAM you create the single point of truth for all your product images. Easily search, create users, and transform your images. TESSA is the world‘s most integrated digital asset management system for Akeneo PIM.

InBetween Print Publishing

As the world‘s leading provider of agile digital print publishing software, InBetween Deutschland GmbH has been synonymous with powerful solutions for dynamic and data-driven publishing automation with a focus on a perfect product experience for more than 30 years.

What is Magic Trinity?

Better be prepared for the smoothest entry into the world of PX! Making the move to modern digital marketing and creating a fantastic product experience doesn't have to be difficult. We offer three solutions in two needs-oriented entry packages.

Your customers expect information and details to be the same whether they browse your web shop, find you in marketplaces, inside an actual store or by reading a printed or digital catalog. Content is king, they say. But how do you translate this for your business? You have a clear need to achieve product consistency across all your marketing channels, but you find getting started in digital marketing somewhat daunting?

The Magic Trinity: We provide you with a proven combination of excellent and leading components for a unified approach to manage your product experience: a solution to manage your product information, to manage your digital assets and to publish digitally or printed on paper. Our approach delivers an exceptional user experience for your teams working with product information, product images and product leaflets, brochures or catalogs.

The Product Bundles

Our two needs-oriented entry packages make it quick and easy to turn product data and images into publications. You can take the first steps by trusting our entry solution for PIM, DAM and Publishing with a proven combination of excellent and leading components.

Doublelution: DAM + Print Bundle (SaaS)

Use Change with the Doublelution bundle to get started with modern digital marketing in your business.This simple approach gives you the opportunity to gain your first experience in Digital Asset Management and Digital Print. With TESSA you have the possibility to manage all your product images digitally. You can also store product data at each digital asset. By connecting to InBetween’s Publication Wizard, you can drag and drop assets with product information to create simple digital publications.

Magic Trinity: PIM + DAM + Print Bundle (SaaS)

With this bundle you get a proven combination of PIM, DAM and digital publishing. In contrast to the Doublelution bundle you get a fully featured PIM system in the community edition of Akeneo. Unleash the full potential of your product experience. With PIM, you quickly gain better control over your product information, improve data consistency and quality, and simplify the flow out to your sales and marketing channels. With this bundle, you can link your product data from Akeneo with assets from TESSA. You can then create your desired publications with InBetween.


We’d really love to meet you!

Salvatore Accaputo (CEO, EIKONA Media)

“Looking for the right way to enter the digital world of media? Contact my team today and let’s pave that way forward for you! Our certifi ed PIM and DAM experts are ready for your next project. Let‘s talk!“ +49 9381 7177 8741

Peter Flory (Sales Director, InBetween)

“Want to find out more on how we can personally bring the magic of InBetween to your business publication process? Contact my team today and we look forward to co-creating with you!“ +49 711 7223 3225

Laura Hofbauer

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