TESSA BrandHub

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Are you looking for a unique brand portal where you can link and distribute all your assets and product data? We've created the solution with TESSA BrandHub.

Meet our new TESSA BrandHub

With our new brand portal, you can simplify internal and external collaboration and let your brand have its say. In the following article, we will give you an overview of the advantages and features of the TESSA BrandHub.


  • All-in one: BrandHub is brand, media and product portal in one solution.
  • Significantly less search time: Central place for your brand. Marketing and sales find the information they need faster.
  • Brand strategy: Easily and precisely control the appearance of your brand. You determine what is made available externally.


  • Brand CI with own URL: Bring your brand design into BrandHub with your own logo and colors and descriptions.
  • Brand intro: On a configurable start page you can put your brand in the limelight accordingly.
  • Responsive: BrandHub can be easily and securely used on mobile devices while on the move.
  • Search and filtering with autosuggest: BrandHub has an enormously fast and multi-level search engine based on Elasticsearch.
  • Detail views: You get all relevant product data and media previews displayed in a configurable view.
  • Convert & Download: Convert the respective digital assets or product data in the desired format.
  • User management: Control permissions for views, downloads and file access. Secure access via login.

Convince yourself!

We have provided you with a live demo with customer data. Convince yourself and strengthen your brand with TESSA BrandHub!

Laura Hofbauer

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