Rights and roles
easy to manage

Easily define user groups and their permissions in TESSA. This way, everyone only has access to what they really need. This creates control and an overview.

Simple user management

Simply create users and enable access.

Create as many users as you need to import manually or via CSV. For each user you can set certain default settings such as the language or UI settings. In addition, you can define in TESSA for each user, in which period the user can access the platform.

Login made easy:

TESSA helps you organize login credentials. Just keep full control over your users with SSO, Active Directory (Microsoft, Google) or LDAP.

Rights and role management

Get access to what you really need.

With TESSA you can easily define who can see and edit which files and who cannot. Define user groups, their corrections flexibly and in great detail.

Individual admin user roles control the specifically defined permissions for you. This way you secure your system, create an overview and protect your data from access by third parties.

License Management

Create security and transparency in media use.

You can use TESSA to store a license date on all your digital media and be conveniently notified by email when a license expires.

In addition, you can use an active switch to control which images can only be used internally or externally and are not included in the channel export. This creates control over data thwarting and you are always on the safe side.

"TESSA is a powerful software that allows organizing all the company's media and protecting them with customized permissions and roles. It's a perfect tool to foster collaboration between colleagues and partners anywhere, anytime."

Claudia Castellucci
Marketing Account & Project Manager, 
Arpa Industriale
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