How can Digital Asset Management support you?

Intelligent search for all digital media

TESSA offers you numerous ways to quickly and easily search within your content and find the desired images, videos, or documents.

This is what TESSA search can do for you

From simple use to expert search

A powerful search for everything

With our simple search you can quickly search all stored media in TESSA. All contents of the asset or linked products are searched. This can be any metadata, descriptions, file names or even product descriptions.

With the expert search you can search very detailed for specific information:

  • Assets that have been edited in a defined period of time
  • Images from a specific photographer or a specific shooting
  • Documents in a desired workflow status
  • Images whose license date will expire in 14 days

Set up saved searches with subscription

Get notified as soon as something needs to be done

TESSA offers you the possibility to save common search queries and execute them automatically or with a click. This allows you to quickly access specific content in your media database without having to define the search queries each time.

In addition, you can be automatically informed about new search results by e-mail if you have set up a corresponding subscription.

Search in files via OCR method and AI

Find text content in PDFs or Excel files

Search text content in PDF documents or Office files with TESSA. Thanks to automatic image recognition, TESSA is also able to recognize image content and use it for media searches.

Scanned documents can also be searched using the integrated OCR software.

TESSA inspires users

  • Lea Renner
    Junior Marketingmanager
    POSITEC Germany GmbH
    TESSA saves us an enormous amount of time in our daily tasks.
    TESSA saves us an enormous amount of time in our daily tasks. Product images and other marketing content can now be stored and found centrally. This means that they can be downloaded in the desired format by colleagues, but also by external agencies. The TESSA Pro portal is also very practical for our B2B management.
  • Oliver Kleinjans
    Teamleader Sales Master Data Management
    SLV GmbH
    I have rarely witnessed such a relaxed system introduction!
    The changeover to Tessa as the new digital asset management system went completely smoothly. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed system introduction! The thing was up and running in less than two months!
  • Jürgen Zacherl
    Marketing Manager
    EPOCH Traumwiesen GmbH
    TESSA has enabled us to digitize and better organize our processes
    As the media hub for Germany, Scandinavia and Poland, TESSA is a central system for Epoch to provide both colleagues and customers with data easily, quickly and effectively. An indispensable tool for us!
  • Quynh Pham
    IT Consultant
    Accenture GmbH
    It is the perfect complement to an intelligent e-commerce solution package.
    TESSA greatly simplified and improved our workflow at that time. It is the perfect complement to an intelligent e-commerce solution package. Thanks to the product's versatility, it could be easily implemented into an existing shop system in a standardised or customised way.
  • Monika Piernicka-Pachoł
    Digital projects manager
    IMI Hydronic Engineering
    I'm impressed with the collaborative benefits that TESSA has brought to our team.
    I'm impressed with the collaborative benefits that TESSA has brought to our team. This common platform centralized our digital assets in one accessible portal and has significantly improved our workflow and streamlined collaboration. TESSA gives us a unified and efficient approach to digital asset management.

What benefits does TESSA DAM's intelligent search offer?

With TESSA DAM's intelligent search, users can quickly and precisely search for digital assets based on metadata, file names, or product descriptions. Saved searches enable swift access to frequently needed content, with notifications for new search results available via email. Additionally, TESSA also searches text content within PDF and Office files, as well as image content using image recognition and OCR techniques.

Additional Digital Asset Management features and modules


AI features

Intelligent AI automation (tagging, cropping, color recognition, etc.) with TESSA DAM.



Provide digital assets efficiently via a brand or media portal.

Central filing

All your organization's media securely stored in one digital location.

Distribute media

Efficient distribution, conversion and publishing of your digital assets.

Rights and roles

Protect your media by easily creating and managing roles and authorizations.

Media workflows

Complete tasks in the graphics team faster with our powerful workflow module.

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