Agile collaboration
with media workflows.

Bring the right tasks and files to the right teams and enable smooth collaboration.

Create your own workflows

Work more productively together as a TEAM.

From creation to publication, you control all steps and increase data quality. In this way, an everyday process consisting of various steps such as:

  1. Data delivery
  2. Categorization
  3. Enrichment of metadata
  4. release for store

can be easily implemented in a team. These steps can also be implemented across company boundaries with external service providers such as photographers or graphic designers.

Messenger, Annotations & Notifications

Coordinate more quickly within the team.

Nothing gets lost anymore. Coordinate with external photographers, distribution partners or internally within the team easily and smoothly with TESSA Workflows.

Bundle feedback and comments to the respective assets. Simply create annotations at the desired location and speed up the approval process.

TESSA release processes

Keep control and create transparency.

You can easily share your finished content like images, videos or PDFs with TESSA Workflows. Define a desired release status in the process.

As soon as this status is reached, the desired assets are automatically exported to the respective channels. This way, there is always transparency on the content that is ready for export and only the right media is exported to the desired channels.


"TESSA is the perfect link between our creatives and online merchandisers and marketeers. Our PR agency also accesses it. The seamless integration with our PIM, Akeneo, saves us additional steps and time."

Nicolas Metzke
Melvin & Hamilton Digital
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