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Digital Asset Management
onboarding project

Do you need support with system implementation? Together with our experts we will lead your DAM project to success.

This is how we can support you with your DAM system implementation

1. Scoping workshop

Define requirements and project goals.

At the start of the project, the following topics will be covered in a 1 to 2-day workshop, among others:

  • System demonstration for all involved in the project and the key users
  • Analyzing and understanding the current process situation at the client
  • How can we successfully integrate TESSA DAM into the current system landscape?
  • What special requirements does the customer have for the digital asset management system?
2. Initial media import

We bring your digital media on board.

In the second step of onboarding, we import all your existing corporate assets into the DAM. For this we use various sources such as:

  • existing servers, FTP/SFTP directories
  • existing store systems and CMS
  • existing Akeneo PIM
  • hard drives, SSDs etc.

In addition, we start with you to categorize the media in TESSA.

3. product links (optional)

Link digital media with existing product data.

If you want to use TESSA DAM with Akeneo PIM, in this optional phase of onboarding we will link all digital assets from TESSA to the desired products in Akeneo. In addition, we can define a set of rules with you to automatically assign TESSA assets to Akeneo products.

4. define DAM roles

We configure roles and their rights with you.

In 1 to 2 days, we work with you to develop a rights and roles concept for the users in the DAM system that is tailored to your organization. We advise you and define in detail what functionalities are available to each role. From the admin to the editor or photographer to the sales role, everyone only gets to see what they are supposed to see.

5. designing the media portals

We bring your brand to our media portal.

Together with you, we develop your brand portal for media distribution in 1 to 2 days. For this, we bring the corporate identity of your brand into the portal. Multiple brands can also be stored as templates in TESSA.

6. TESSA-trainings

We show key users how to use TESSA efficiently.

Our DAM experts provide up to 8 hours of extensive training for a defined user group. Remotely or on-site, we prepare the power users and administrators to efficiently use Digital Asset Management with TESSA from day 1 after going live.

7. support at livegang

We won't leave you out in the rain during the hot phase.

The final step of the onboarding project is the most exciting phase. The live launch of the DAM system. After we have agreed on a suitable date, we prepare everything for the live launch with you. Our experts know exactly what needs to be taken into account. In addition, we are very accessible to you on the day of the live run and will help you immediately if there are any problems in your organization.

Brands we have supported in DAM onboarding