Smart and reliable file management with digital asset management

Wrap up your entire media organization with a digital asset management system.

Keep track of your media

The abundance of data in a company is difficult to keep track of. Every day, spreadsheets are created, text documents are written and presentations are made. Organizing these files is a mammoth task without the right software. With our Digital Asset Management System, you can handle file management easily and reliably. Numerous functions make our software an important helper in everyday work.

Digital Asset Management functions at a glance

With the help of a digital asset management system, you can find your way through your file jungle again. The software provides reliable file management with the following features:

  • Image management:
    Sort and manage your images in albums, folders, databases and directories.
  • Effective search:
    In the clear folder structure of our TESSA, you are guaranteed to find the file you just need - quickly and easily.
  • Permissions management:
    You control who has access to your files. Share them with employees, upload them directly to the web, or keep them locked away, however you like.
  • Duplicate checking:
    The system automatically alerts you to duplicate files. This way you can save storage capacity.
  • Multiple editing:
    Streamlined dialogs let you edit multiple files at once, allowing you to set metadata for multiple files at once, for example.
  • Image recognition:
    The image recognition of our file management automatically suggests meaningful titles and keywords for the contents of your images.
  • Categorization:
    Our complex keyword tree helps you classify and categorize your files.

Sort and manage all digital media

A digital asset management system is not just an image gallery, it helps you manage all your data:

  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Documents
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Other assets

With a DAM such as TESSA, you can easily create albums to sort, organize and manage your files. The file manager is designed to recognize and process all common formats.

Simplify your steps

With a digital asset management system, you can spend less time on tedious tasks. For example, you can set certain standards for your file management, according to which your files should be converted. This is then done automatically for you and you can upload or process your data directly.

Furthermore, you can combine a DAM system with numerous other software solutions:

  • PIM systems
  • CMS systems
  • Image editing programs
  • ERP software
  • Cloud connection

With its many interfaces for applications, connectors and plug-ins, TESSA DAM fits perfectly into your IT landscape. TESSA RestAPI offers you numerous other options for exchanging data with other software solutions.

You want to test our file management? No problem, with our demo you can try out all functions and find out whether our DAM system is right for you.

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