The role of digital asset management in e-commerce

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With a digital asset management system, you can populate your product pages with digital content such as images or videos. We explain how this works.

What everyone in e-commerce has to deal with - including you: How do photos get into your webshop? As a manufacturer, you probably have upstream systems; as a retailer, you get the material from your suppliers. Assigning everything manually to a product is time-consuming and not really nice work. Many of our customers have helped themselves with scripts that allow linking assets to a product in the store. This is possible, but - it is a tricky job. A DAM helps tremendously here and makes the process much more efficient. You will also become much faster. If you also use a PIM, you have the optimal combination. In the PIM you store attributes, create assortments and assign categories to the products. The associated assets - whether they are photos, drawings, product descriptions/exposés, videos, certificates, operating instructions, etc. - almost always come from a DAM such as our TESSA DAM.

Digital asset management and e-commerce - a profound bond

Getting past Amazon in e-commerce, yes, it does exist. But far more companies are getting involved with the e-commerce giant's business and business practices. However, this means increased effort - e.g., at best you should show seven images and/or movies for your products on Amazon. So you need considerably more visual material than for a catalog. This material not only has to be produced, it also has to be managed and adapted to the requirements of the platform. Amazon's requirements are very clear: It defines exactly how much space an object should take up in the starting photo. If that doesn't fit with your photos, the TESSA DAM is on hand to take care of the adjustment in one channel. The TESSA DAM can also assist with other materials: Do you have movies as MP4? Do you want to turn them into a GIF? - No problem. The TESSA DAM can be configured accordingly. Of course, this also works the other way around. How about explanatory texts in your pictures, for example? Such applications are also child's play with the TESSA DAM. Compositions of, for example, dimension drawings or action images with product photos are also necessary or desired, depending on the platform. Not to forget logos or watermarks. What borders on punishment work manually, works automatically with the TESSA DAM, once it is configured.

In e-commerce, a DAM is therefore not only about the playout of assets to the e-shops. Automated adaptation to the output channel and the recombination of visual material also help considerably in the optimal presentation of products on the Internet. What can be customized? Basically, it is about the following properties:

  • Image size (maximum number of pixels)
  • Size of the workspace
  • pixel density (e.g. 72dpi)
  • output format (e.g. JPG, GIF, SVG, MP4)
  • Compositions of images, also with texts, logos, watermarks etc.

How does TESSA DAM's digital content get into the webshop?

Sure - we don't just have to get the assets to the right size and shape. The material must also be integrated into the target systems. It is almost superfluous to mention that exactly this should also be done as smoothly and easily as possible. Let's get back to Amazon: there, for example, it starts with the somewhat special file names that the giant wants. So file names should be customized. Other platforms want URLs to download assets - Wayfair, for example - and so do many other e-store operators. A URL usually allows assets to be grabbed very securely and stored in a separate database. This way it is also possible for operators to customize the file name according to their own requirements. You usually submit an Excel or CSV file with your product data to these providers. Often, the e-commerce platforms also prescribe the format - they tell you exactly where a link to the asset of a precisely defined quality should be placed. With the TESSA DAM, this is child's play in conjunction with the Akeneo PIM. If you don't have or don't like a PIM - no problem. We also write CSV exports with the necessary data for your customers directly from the TESSA DAM.

Do you want the assets to go directly to your FTP server or to your customers? No question. Distributing the data in the desired form to the intended location is one of the core competencies of TESSA DAM and Eikona Media. If something changes in your data - the TESSA DAM notices this and transports the updated data to the desired location at predefined time intervals - automatically and reliably.

TESSA DAM: blazing fast connection via CDN

For your own webshop there is another goody in this area: The TESSA DAM can also store your assets directly in a CDN - for example Cloudflare. This means that you have immediate worldwide availability of your assets with the best connection as soon as you upload and release the assets in the DAM. All this without long data chains. Share the file, transfer the address and play it out. It doesn't get any faster or easier than that.


Efficiently manage digital content with digital asset management

With a DAM, you can easily and efficiently manage your digital assets, put them into the desired form and give them the desired file name from external target systems such as Amazon. It doesn't matter whether the assets need to be updated or made available in any way: TESSA DAM is always a reliable and fast partner.

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