Media versioning with digital asset management

Wrap up all your asset versioning with a digital asset management system.

Relevance of versioning

In a company, document versioning can be an important element of quality assurance and process optimization. Only if you can track who changed a document at what point in time can you eliminate potential sources of error and ambiguity. Our digital asset management system helps you version your documents.

Track file changes, restore previous versions

A DAM system, such as TESSA, shows you when a file has been edited. This allows you to track changes directly. To ensure that no data is lost, you can restore old storage statuses at any time using the roll-back function. This means that you always have the latest asset version at hand, but can also access older data. In this way, you create company-wide transparency for you and your employees and can coordinate access to an asset for several people.

Structured version management promotes project development

File versioning makes it easier to develop a project in multiple directions without losing data. At a later stage, the project branches can be merged again.

Your further advantages of our software for versioning are:

  • Storage of changes including timestamp, version number, and user ID.
  • Overview of the entire file cycle
  • Automatic and manual versioning possible
  • Software components, programs and files can be versioned
  • Easy overview of the status of your files
  • Restoration of already edited texts or processed images
  • Protection against data loss
    Setting the status of a document is possible
  • Workflow support through release and editing processes as well as status-dependent notifications

Convince yourself of the effectiveness of document version management

If you work with several people on the same files, you should think about installing a version management system. This way you can simplify processes and work steps and make them more effective. Our demo gives you the opportunity to get an overview of versioning using our digital asset management system.

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