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Handle your versioning with our DAM system

Versioning with TESSA DAM

In a company, versioning documents can be an important element of quality assurance and process optimization. Only if you can understand who changed a document at what time, you can fix potential sources of error and ambiguity. Our Digital Asset Management System helps you to version your documents.


When is versioning useful?

Versioning makes sense wherever several people work on a document or file. In this way, all parties involved can exactly understand which changes were made by which colleague and which document version corresponds to the current status. Working together on a document without carefully recording and organizing all the work steps can lead to great chaos.

The primary tasks of any versioning software are:

  • Log changes made to a document or file
  • The archiving of individual storage levels, so that the user can access older versions
  • The coordination of access of different users to a file

Predestined for the use of a versioning program are, for example, online editors, web and graphic designers, as well as all companies in which several people work together on a project.

Trace file changes, restore previous versions

Our DAM system will show you when a file has been edited. So you can understand changes directly. To prevent loss of data, you can always restore old memory by using the roll-back function. So you have the latest asset version always ready, but can also access older data. This will give you enterprise-wide visibility for you and your co-workers, and help coordinate multiple users access to an asset.

A structured version management promotes project development

Versioning files makes it easier to develop a project in multiple directions without losing data. At a later point in time, the project branches can then be merged again.

Your other benefits of our versioning software are:

  • Save changes including timestamp, version number and user id
  • Overview of the entire file cycle
  • Automatic and manual versioning possible
  • Software components, programs and files can be versioned
  • Easy overview of the status of your files
  • Restore already edited text or edited images
  • Protection against data loss
  • Set the status of a document is possible
  • Workflow support through approval and editing processes as well as status-based notifications

Convince yourself of the effectiveness of our document versioning

If you work with multiple users on the same files, you should consider installing a versioning system. So you can simplify processes and work steps and make them more effective. Our Demo gives you the chance to get an overview of versioning using our Digital Asset Management System.